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When you want to buy a pair of ski touring ski’s, it’s sometimes difficult to make a choice because of the wide range of manufacturers on the market. Range, model, shape, here is the top 5 Touring Ski’s 2016-2017.

#1 K2 Wayback 88 Ecore

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The Wayback 88 ECOre is a real ski tourer, pure and hard, not too wide, light, thrilling, capable of following the difference in altitude with ease. Steep slopes and the technical passages do not frighten it. Serene in all circumstances.

The Wayback 88, a sure value in the Backside K2 range.

These skis are made for tourers used to the classic style of skis, wanting something professional and precise to climb with. Yet, still able to appreciate the descent. See the product.

#2 Dynastar Alti 80 

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The Alti 80 is a light and narrow ski but very effective on the descent.

The Alti 80 is characterized by its excellent weight / surface bearing ratio, it remains very effective when the snow is powdery. The Alti 80 is also easy to climb with, especially on more technical routes.

It is a more accessible ski than its big brother the 85, it’s perfect for skiers who have less experience or experienced tourers who are looking for a lighter ski. See the product.

#3 Atomic Backland 78

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The Backland range has been designed to respond perfectly to both aspects of ski touring: lightness for the ascent and stability for the descent. These hiking skis are really very versatile,  adapting to any terrain whether it’s powder or hard snow tracks.

The Backland 78 is the most accessible ski in the Backland range from Atomic. It is a lightweight ski that offers excellent value for money.

The Backland 78 is an ideal ski to discover the joys of ski touring with great ease. See the product.

#4 Movement Session

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With 89 mm in the skate, the Session is a versatile ski most suitable for ski touring hikers who do not wish to choose between the comfort of the ascent and the pleasure of the descent.

The Session is a modern ski, in terms of its geometry with a spatula that offers good lift. The rocker has evolved to be even more enjoyable. 

The Session is perfect for tourers who are not afraid to make bumpy ascent to enjoy the descent. See the product.

#5 Blizzard Zero G 95

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Appearing last season, the Blizzard Zero G series is characterized by their ultra-light construction which maintains an exceptional skiability when descending.

The Zero G 95 is a very versatile ski in the ski touring range, because of its intermediate skate. On descent, it is a comfortable ski that maintains it’s performance whatever the snow, hard or powder.

The Zero G 95 is a ski for tourers who want a good versatility and especially a good lift to go hiking in the mountains. See the product.


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