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Love to go camping? Love to experience new things? Love to climb trees? Well now there is a way to combine all of these things into one! Tentsile Tree Tents. The British born tent manufacture has started to produce some seriously cool tents that get you off the wet, cold ground (a good thing in the UK) and up in the air for the night. Just check out how cool the models below are!


#1: The Stingray Tree Tent


At number one we have the Stingray from Tentsile. This is a tent that offers a floor area of 7.5 m2 and can accommodate three adults (or two adults and two children) for the night. It’s stand out triangle shape provides plenty of room for the whole family or friends and it is even possible to enter and exit the tent in the middle, just attach your ladder and climb on it.¬† Not only that, this tent can be put up in just 10 minutes!

 Tentsile Tents


#2: The Flite Tree Tent


The Flite from Tentsile is a lightweight option, weighing in at just 3.2kg (including straps), so you can take it anywhere! It is an ideal options for trekking, as the tent will easily fit in your backpack. But it is also a great weekend camping tent too. It will happily accommodate two adults or one adult and two children.

Tentsile Tents

#3: The Connect Tree Tent


The Connect is a little heavier that the Flite and is really aimed towards a camping trip in the woods. There is plenty of space for two adults and all 4 doors can easily be opened up to really let you appreciate nature, from the sky!

Tentsile Tents

#4: The Lightweight Ladder

Once you have got your tent safely up in a tree there is just one thing left to do, climb up there! Luckily Tentsile have you covered again, offering the lightest ladder on the market which is easily attached to your tent using two carabiners and can be stored neatly in the bag provided.

Tentsile Ladder

Still not convinced by the whole sleeping in the trees idea, then watch this!