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How to be a better skier – the question all newbies ask, as they stand there, just, in their bambi position watching as the local pro casually skis past them backwards. Now we know it is basically impossible to teach you how to ski online, although I am sure there are many paid subscriptions out there that beg to differ. But we are not going to even try, we are just going to share some friendly advice with you so that you can enjoy your time out on the slopes and get from pizza to french fries quicker/


Lesson 1  – How to be a skier, the movie

This probably goes against most teaching handbooks, but we are going to start this class off with a short video.

Hopefully you will pick up a few of the basic principles of skiing from it, as well as the attitude you need to be great!

Thanks IFHT.TV 

Lesson 2 – Looking the part

Of course we don’t want to send you out onto the slopes looking like a total gaper (if you paid attention in lesson 1 then you should know exactly what were are talking about here). So make sure that you look nothing like either of the two people below.

How to be a skier

Lesson 3 – Skiing history

You can’t call yourself a real skier unless have at least a little knowledge about our sport and how it has changed over the years.

How to be a skier

Thanks SnowSkool

Lesson 4 – Getting the right equipment

If you are serious about improving your skiing then you need the right ski gear for the job. To start with make user you are dressed the part. You will spend a considerable amount of time on the ground, in the wet, cold snow, as you learn how to ski. So make sure your kit is up for the job and that you at least have the following pieces of it.


We all remember getting told that you loose most of your body heat through your head. While this might not necessarily be true (see here) you might as well keep your head warm while you are out in the cold.

black crows beani

Ski Gloves

Like we said above, you are going to be spending a fair bit of time picking yourself up off the ground. So make sure that your have a decent pair of gloves that are going to keep your hands warm and dry!

Ski Goggles

If it is sunny out the snow is going to reflect it everywhere. Make sure you have a pair of goggles that are going to protect your eyes and give you a decent goggle tan to go back home with. If it is snowing then they will also keep the snow out!

poc lobes goggles

Thermal Top

Under layers are a key part to any ski outfit but are often the most overlooked. They will help regulate your body temperate and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

icebreaker mens tech top

Thermal Pants

Same as above. Stay warm and comfortable down below whether it is a hot spring ski day or a cold January morning.

Peak Perfromance Multi 180

Ski Jacket

Now onto the garments that are actually going to protect you from the elements, wind, snow and the rain if they have to. There are plenty of colours, styles and price ranges out there. So make sure that you pick a ski jacket that suits you and fits!

volcom colt jacket

Ski Pants

Remember that ski pants see a lot of abuse. You might be sitting on wet chairlifts, sliding down long black runs on your ass, or spilling hot tartiflette on them at lunch. But in all seriousness you want to choose something that will be able to stand up to the weather, something that fits you and that is not going to fall apart after one week.

Haglofs Chute 3 pant


Ski socks are another piece of clothing that people often don’t pay much attention too. However having a decent pair of socks will help to keep your feet warm and dry, remember skiing takes place in the cold outdoors in hard plastic boots! Some have extra padding and compression in curtain areas around your foot to help improve comfort too.

x-socks ski metal

Lesson 5 – Lessons

Sure, your mate who did a ski season before uni might be able to teach you a few things. But we promise you that a professional ski instructor will teach you the right things, in the correct way. So years down the line, when you find yourself at the top of that black, icy slope, unable to see a foot in front of you you will still be able to get yourself off the mountain. Spend a little money now, learn the basics and then get out there and really start enjoy the whole mountain.

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