Published by : / The 20.10.2016.

So you are on the hunt for your next pair of powder skis. A ski that will keep you afloat even on the deepest days. A ski that will let you carve down virgin powder fields like no other. Dart through the trees and dwarf all other skis in the lift queue. A ski that requires two ski straps to hold them together and double ski bag to transport.

Well then, you have come to the right place.


The Black Crows Nocta

In no particulate order we start off with the Black Crows Nocta. For 2016/17 Black Crows made a couple of changes to the Nocta. This year they get the full rocker treatment, a first for Black Crows, as well as a super lightweight core. Dispute the size of these skis, 122mm in the waist, they only weight 4000grams for the pair!

They are very responsive, quick and easy to turn and you guessed it, float like crazy! Despite their light weight they still remain incredibly stable and a great option for any types of terrain and are fantastic in the trees. A good choice for backcountry freestylers too.

Black Crows Nocta

Atomic Backland Bent Chetler


The Atomic Backland Bent Chetler has been around for a few years now but we love to see that Atomic are still making small changes to the ski to make them more awesome each year. With their boat hull shaped tip and tail there is no missing that these skis mean business in the powder. Match this with their 122mm waist, carbon stringer for stability at speed and lighting quick manoverbility and you have a ski that is ready to take on any depth of powder on any terrain.


Atomic Backcountry Bent Chetler

Volkl Confession

New to the powder party is the Volkl Confession. This is Volkl’s replacement to last years Suro and is intended for big mountain chargers looking for a ski that is ready to battle any conditions anytime. With their titanle sheet for extra stiffness there is no mistaking that these skis mean business. Yes they will float in the powder, yes they will destroy the crud and if you are strong enough to handle them they will let you fly on just about any sort of snow.


Volkl Confession

K2 Shreditor 120 Pettitor

Back again this year is the K2 Shreditor 120 Pettitor. And with it’s slightly reduces turn radius these skis become more user friendly and ultimately more fun! Their 120mm waist and powder rocker stop these things from sinking and you will have a pretty hard time not grinning all day you are riding on them. They are light and versatile in pretty much all conditions and will have you lapping the lefts all day whether it is bluebird to storming. Trees, powder bowls, you name it and these skis will lap it up!


K2 PetitorLine Pescado

We have been waiting for a while to see a swallow tail make it back into a powder ski line up and are there for stocked to see the Line Pescado. If you love fat skis and powder then this is a great one for your arsenal. It’s massive 125mm waist will not let you down when the conditions get deep and its rockered 158mm tip is not going anywhere but up! The skis sit you in a perfect position for powder shredding, thanks to their swallow tail, so all that you have to do it tell them where to stop! Love deep days then get yourself a pair of these!

Line Pascado

Faction 4.0

Faction have made a few changes to Candide Thovex’s powder ski for 2016/17, the Candide 4.0. The skis see a small reduction under foot, while the tip and tail get a little tapper added to the. But how does this effect their perfromance – it makes them better, both in the powder and on varied and hard packed snow. The skis maintain their lightweight and playful feel, thanks to their balsa and flax core. And over all really inspire you to try new things that you might have otherwise shied away from, thanks to their maneuverability and liveliness on and off piste. If you want a lightweight, fun ski that works all over the mountain and especially good in the powder then the Candide 4.0 might be the ski for you!


faction candide 4.0


DPS Lotus 124 Spoon

And last but not least we have the DPS Lotus 124 Spoon. These skis are built for powder, but incorporate the versatility that the Lotus range is know for. They come with a fresh new flex and sidecut to not only lets them float in the deep powder but also in conditions that are not bottomless too. So if you are a hungry powder chaser who depends a ski that works on “less than ideal” conditions too then the DPS Lotus 124 Spoon might be the ski for you.


DPS Lotus 124 Spoon